Flooring Installation

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Floor / FloorPlus
With PANDOMO® Floor and PANDOMO® FloorPlus, there are no limits to creativity. All floor areas can be designed completely freely and offer ideal conditions when it comes to implementing the overall concept of the planner perfectly. There will be an architecture of fascinating intensity and stringency. The basis for durable floor coverings PANDOMO® Floor and PANDOMO® FloorPlus is the design- able leveling compound PANDOMO® K1.

PANDOMO® Loft is the consistent development of the well-established classic PANDOMO® Floor and has been designed with its solid, extremely resistant structure for particularly heavily stressed floor surfaces, especially in the public sector. PANDOMO® Loft also impresses with its unmistakable note in the private sector as well. The thin-layer filler is the latest innovation in the field of PANDOMO® decorative fillers.
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The client wanted a beautiful PANDOMO® Loft floor. The substrate was old cement sand screed with numerous cracks and loose patch. The environment presented strict prohibitions against dust and noise. The temperature in the mall is around 21 to 23 degrees Celsius when open, but up to 30 degrees after hours.